What is a heavy load or an over-sized load?

A heavy load or an over-sized load is a load which by its parameters exceeds the defined size or weight limits. Legislatives of individual states regulate this issue in a different way, but in general, we can simply say that:

"A train of excessive size is each train which is longer than 16.5m, wider than 2.55m and higher than 4.0mm, or the total weight of the sett exceeds 40t (in the Czech Republic 48t, depending on the number of chassis)".

Our company has a long tradition in transportation of heavy loads and over-sized loads. Since we provide the transportation of over-sized loads not only within the Czech Republic, but within nearly the whole of Europe, it is a matter of course that the team of our employees has wide experience with this type of transportation and is able to suggest an optimum transportation solution of an over-sized load. Naturally, we also provide related services, which include research of the route, authorisations and technical convoys. These services are provided along the whole route and for all countries included in the transportation.

Transportation of over-sized loads is provided in the following territories:

  • Czech Republic
  • EU countries, including Italy (Scheda tecnica)
  • Switzerland, the Balkans, Scandinavia
  • Countries of the former Soviet Union

What we use:

  • Low-loading trailers with a special chassis
  • Deep low-loading trailers with a height of 30cm above the road (also loads exceeding 4m in height)
  • Plateau semitrailers

What we transport (see samples in the jobs gallery):

  • Machinery equipment, technological units and energetics devices
  • Machining tools and their components
  • Boilers, pressure vessels and silos
  • Casts and forms
  • Parts of machines and construction parts
  • Construction, crushing and sorting machines
  • Transportation and handling equipment
  • Combine harvesters and agricultural machineries

We provide all services related with transportation of over-sized loads:

  • We carry out complete research of routes, including provision of static evaluation of bridges
  • We secure necessary authorisations in all relevant countries
  • We provide required technical convoys in all relevant countries
  • We provide possible police convoys


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