About us

KROMTRANS, spol. s r.o. was founded in mid-2000 and makes use of the long-term experience of the founder of the company in the field of provision of transportation services. When the company was established, the main emphasis was placed on high quality, professionalism and flexibility with only one objective, maximum satisfaction for customers. This satisfaction has been achieved over the long-term thanks to a team of experienced workers, who are ready to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Since the start of its activities, the company has been focused on domestic and international transportation of goods within Europe and also in parts of Asia. Apart from the transportation of regular types of goods, the company specialises in the transportation of heavy shipments and over-sized shipments. As a matter of course, together with such transportation, the company provides related services to the full extent, such as the execution of necessary authorisations and provision of the required number of accompanying vehicles, including possible police convoys. For this purpose the company uses a set of low-loading trailers and special landing gears and also several convoy vehicles. Upon request, we also provide follow-up river and sea transportation to ports all over the world. We also provide for transportation of bulk materials by tippers and vehicles with “walking floor”.

Naturally, we also provide insurance for you, as well as your goods. Our company is insured for the territory of the Czech Republic, as well as the whole of Europe for responsibility for damages of the forwarder and provider of road transportation. If the insurance limits are exceeded, or if All risk full coverage insurance is requested, we provide one-time insurance for individual shipments.

Last, but not least, our company is also a supplier of completely overhauled DESTA fork lifts, exclusively and for very attractive prices with a 2-year warranty period.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and we will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied!

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