Based on your requirements, we will present you with the project of a more complex transportation, which requires a higher number of vehicles, more complex preparation and planning, and/or combination of various transportation types. It is for example:

-Transportation of an over-sized load, which, apart from 3 special chasses requires 20 or more regular trucks for transportation of related accessories.

-Or an over-sized load, which due to its parameters cannot be transported on roads, or can be transported on roads only partially. We transport the goods to a river port, we provide for its overload at a sea port and further transportation to any sea port in the world.

-Or a more common example, when an over-sized shipment, or even a regular shipment, are to be transported to some world port. In this case, we provide for overload and further transportation on sea, but also transportation requiring individual approach and planning.

We will make a proposal and a project for your shipment, will send you an offer of a solution and will realise the transportation, including all related services. Upon request, we are also able to provide for customs clearance of the goods in the port of destination.

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